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  • What is the Lit Center and where is it located?
    The Lit Center provides tutoring in any subject throughout the school year. Our teachers and peer tutors help students with homework, assignments, exam prep, and more. You can drop-in at any time for help, no appointment needed. We are located in Room 1161.
  • What is a peer tutor?
    Peer tutors are students recommended by Niles West faculty who have excelled in the courses they support. They are trained to provide one-to-one support to their fellow peers.
  • What subjects do you offer tutoring in?
    While core focus areas include Math, English, Science, and Social Studies, our tutors are prepared to help you in any subject taught at Niles West High School. This includes World Languages and courses like Consumer Ed, as well as electives such as Psychology, Business and Technology, and more.
  • Who is allowed to use the Lit Center?
    Every student at Niles West is encouraged to take advantage of our tutoring services. The Lit Center ensures an equitable and encouraging learning environment for all students, regardless of background or academic standing.
  • Do I need to make an appointment?
    No—you may drop-in at any time during your free periods. However, if you wish to meet with a teacher, an appointment is recommended. Please E-mail to set up an appointment.
  • I would like to know which teachers are available during my free periods.
    The Lit Center is staffed by Niles West teachers to assist students in Math, English, and Science courses.
  • Do I need to swipe-in?
    Yes. You are required to swipe in to the Lit Center whenever you visit, just as you would in any study hall. Please be sure to bring your ID!
  • Can I come in during my study hall? Should I go to my assigned study hall first?
    Yes! During the school day, you can visit the Lit Center during your study hall or lunch periods. If coming in during your study hall period, you can come directly to the Lit Center where you can swipe in for attendance.
  • Are you open before or after school?
    Yes to both! We open every day before school at 7:20am, except on late start days. We are open Monday through Thursday after school until 4:10pm. We are closed after school on Fridays. Please note: We are closed during homeroom. Lit Center Regular Hours Monday-Thursday | 7:20am to 4:10pm Friday | 7:20am to 3:23pm
  • Can I eat my lunch in the Lit Center?
    We encourage students to eat their lunch prior to visiting the Lit Center. We know that school days are extremely busy and that you might be coming in during your lunch period. We are happy to write students a pass for lunch before or after their tutoring session. If you need to eat lunch, we recommend swiping in first and asking for a cafeteria pass and then returning to the Lit Center.
  • I don't need tutoring help. Can I just do my homework in the Lit Center?
    Unlike other study hall spaces, the Lit Center is designated for a specific purpose. It is a dedicated space for students who are seeking tutoring. You are welcome to use the Lit Center space when you need help with your homework, other assignments, or to prepare for an exam. If your tutoring session ends early, you are welcome to use the remainder of the period to complete other work. We hope to see you soon!
  • How do I become a Lit Center tutor?
    We are always looking to grow our tutoring team! Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores interested in becoming Lit Center tutors are encouraged to complete an application. Please click here to complete an application.
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