The Literacy Center

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  • Allow yourself at least 10 minutes of tutoring. Anything less than that may not ensure the proper help.

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Our Tutor hours are as follows:


EB: 7:20am through After School 4:10pm

-Closed during Homeroom-


EB 7:20am through 9th (3:23pm)

-Closed during Homeroom-

***We're closed during EarlyBird on any Late start day***

Need to attend virtually? Please email Ms. B at to set up a meeting!

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Welcome to the website of the largest, busiest literacy center in the world. With 100+ tutors and an average of 120 visits a day, the Literacy Center truly is the academic hub of Niles West High School. 


The Literacy Center offers opportunities for students, teachers, and the Niles West school community to collaborate and educate each other about the three core academic literacies of critical thinking, reading, and writing. This collaboration will help promote a school climate that values academic rigor, volunteerism and leadership, school-wide literacy goals and language, and cross-curricular practices that link all disciplines.

The Literacy Center will ensure equal access to education for all Niles West students, regardless of their academic levels, social class, ethnicity, background, or physical disabilities. In addition to tutors and teachers, our work is supported by our Reading Specialist and Literacy Coaches who provide resources, individual help, and class seminars that build academic and professional capacity. 


The Literacy Center will ensure equal access and tutoring opportunities for ALL students, regardless of academic levels.