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  • Allow yourself at least 10 minutes of tutoring. Anything less than that may not ensure the proper help.

Closed during finals (May 16-18) 


Our Tutor hours are as follows:


EB: 7:20am through After School 4:10pm

-Closed during Homeroom-


EB 7:20am through 9th (3:23pm)

-Closed during Homeroom-

***We're closed during EarlyBird on any Late start day***

Need to attend virtually? Please email Ms. B at to set up a meeting!

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Students and Staff:

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For Teachers

RAT (Rent a Tutor)

Rent-A-Tutor's (RATs) now available!


You can request a tutor to come into class and help your students! 


Please email directly with the following information:




Brief description of what tutors will be helping with:

Number of Tutors:

24 hours notice is suggested, but not required!

How Can the Literacy Center Help?


We encourage you to inform us of what is going on in your class, and what our tutors can focus on to help. This could be a specific assignment/project, or it can be general skills and concepts to focus on.  


If you have specific documents, assignments, study aids that may help please send them down to the Literacy Center or e-mail them to Ms. Tamar Boghossian:


For Parents:

The goal and purpose of the Literacy Center is to help students reach their full academic potential, through peer tutoring and mentoring.  We can help with most, if not all, subjects, or with general study and organization skills.  To get a better understanding of what we offer the Niles West Community please read our vision.

Tech Resources:

Click here for an explanation of some of the technology related resources available to you.