Period Early Bird:

3) Click on the tutor from whom you want help.

Ali A.

I can tutor the following: Algebra 2 and Public Speaking

Amarah A.

I can tutor the following: Algebra I, Geometry, Freshman English, Sophomore English, Honors English Classes, GAW, Biology, Chemistry, MWH, Civics, Honors World History, German I, German II, German 3/4 Honors, Public Speaking, and Debate.

Emily K.

I can tutor the following: math, science

Lily G.

I can tutor the following: Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Consumer Ed

Mariam S.

I can tutor the following: Edit essays, chemistry, algebra 1,2

Melanie K.

I can tutor the following: Modern World History, Freshman English, Spanish, Theatre

Nora A.

I can tutor the following: English

Zubair M.

I can tutor the following: German, Honors English, checking over essays, social studies/history analysis and questions (like on a worksheet).

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