Period 8:

3) Click on the tutor from whom you want help.

Caelin M.

I can tutor the following: English, AP Comp Sci, Spanish 1 and 2, AP Psych (also some Alg 2, Chem, and AP World)

Divitya V.

I can tutor the following: I'm fine with anything

Finn H.

I can tutor the following: English, Geometry

Hannah Y.

I can tutor the following: Geometry, Algebra, Spanish, English, History, Biology

Jennifer P.

I can tutor the following: English (essays, proofreading), Algebra 1 and 2

Kate P.

I can tutor the following: Math, English

Muhammad A.

I can tutor the following: Geometry(All Levels)
Algebra 2 (All Levels)
Pre-Calculus (All Levels)
Calculus BC (Junior Year)
Freshman English (All Levels)
Sophomore English Honors (All Levels)
AP Great American Writers (Junior Year)
Biology (All Levels)
Chemistry (All Levels)
Physics C (Junior Year)
Modern World History
AP World History
AP Politics and Government
AP US History (Junior Year)
Intro to Debate
Intro to Computer Science
AP Computer Science
STEM Research
Advanced App Development (Junior Year)

Patricia C.

I can tutor the following: English, French

Patrick K.

I can tutor the following: Trigonometry, Algebra 1, Freshmen/Sophomore English, Sophomore chemistry, Spanish 2/3

Pavle V.

I can tutor the following: All Math, All Science (not AP Biology or APES), English Essay checking, World History, Economics (Micro and Macro), APUSH, Spanish 1-4 & AP

Sarah B.

I can tutor the following: Algebra, Chemistry, and English.

Zainab S.

I can tutor the following: Math, History

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