Period 5:

3) Click on the tutor from whom you want help.

Ben P.

I can tutor the following: Geometry, Algebra 1 and 2, Biology

Brielle R.

I can tutor the following: Algebra and precalc

Bushra Q.

I can tutor the following: BIology, Algebra 2, Geometry, English, History, Health Careers, Psychology, and Health,

Darby C.

I can tutor the following: English (any level), Algebra/Precalc, Any Social Studies, Spanish, Chemistry

Divya G.

I can tutor the following: Any level of math up to Calc.

Emily P.

I can tutor the following: English & History

Gabriela E.

I can tutor the following: Math and English

Karis L.

I can tutor the following: English, Spanish

Mahum A.

I can tutor the following: Advanced Algebra 2
Advanced Pre-Calculus
Honors Freshman English
Honors Sophomore English
Modern World History
Intro to Debate
Honors U.S. History
Spanish 2
Spanish 3
Spanish 4
Early Childhood Education
Business and Technology 1 & 2

Mansi P.

I can tutor the following: Math(preferrably Algebra) and Science(Biology)

Nirvana M.

I can tutor the following: english, math, science

Sarah Z.

I can tutor the following: Social Studies and English

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